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"We buy pre-owned OEC C-Arms and we sell refurbished OEC C-Arms"

Please feel free to email pat@radrays.com or call us (410) 737-4404 with any OEC related questions or to place an order. If you are looking for parts we have many refurbished and used tested items available for a fraction of the GE OEC list price.

Our founder Patrick Kluge has over 25 years of experience with OEC C-Arm service and is passionate about his work. He created Rad Rays LLC to be able to offer a no-nonsense option for support of the reliable high quality OEC product. Together we have created a support company that is Bio-Med friendly with our top priority being to assist and provide in house service engineers with the knowledge, tools, and parts they need to properly service their facilities OEC products. We have also been able to build an extensive inventory of parts for your OEC fleet. We have many refurbished parts to offer that have been thoroughly repaired and tested to keep your cost down. We have been refurbishing and delivering Rad Rays high quality OEC C-Arms with an excellent track record. It is our goal to maintain the reliable "work horse" reputation that the OEC equipment has made for itself.