S-Ram Questionnaire

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Typical failures for the OEC 9600 SRAM include “Repeating Block Patterns” or “Check Sum Failed” on the C-Arm display. Please note that there are other obscure failure modes as well, that will require Technical Support. There is only one “right way” and several other ways to bring this system back to life. This form requires all information to be filled out in order to make an accurate determination as to the best approach to solving an SRAM issue.
Workstation Information
With the Work Station at full boot follow this sequence….. Press Set Up Options. Arrow down and highlight “Software Versions” press enter
C-Arm inspection
The object is to verify a match between the Workstation version, the SRAM version, and the back-up Software version. The Generator Back up Disk usually lives in a pouch on the High Voltage tank below the SRAM. Sometimes it can be found in the Workstation behind the rear cover. These are not the only possible hiding places, please search until found.
Please note that if either the Back Up Disk is missing or the SRAM and Back up part numbers do not match, Technical Support is required.